Saturday, October 9, 2010

Further Classes and Other Blather.

Though late, I will continue to update with the various custom classes and house rules that I am using in my home campaign. Today's particular gem will be the mountebank, a class I badly wanted to see back when it was first mentioned by Mr. Gygax in a Dragon magazine no small amount of time ago.

For the iteration presented, I am indebted to the version by David Prata that appeared in Footprints No. 12.

My interpretation of the class can be found here.

At some point I plan on finishing the versions of cavalier and barbarian that I wish to use, but that depends on my being able to start them... The mad scientist will be up next, followed by the necromancer (though that worthy's spell list may take a tad longer). I am also planning to post the rake in the near future... the assassin will appear at some point after that.

In other news, I am delighted by random rolls, as they caused Demogorgon to make an appearance in my home campaign recently. This gave much pause to the paladin, especially when he realised that two of the party's henchmen (known as "the twins") conversed in much the same manner as the dual heads of the demonic overlord. No, there is no connection, but the paranoia builds...

Also, I have started the slow process of creating what I believe would be called a "mega-dungeon", though I dislike the term myself. Called Bleakholme, I will be trying to post various bits and pieces here for others to use or not, as they wish.


I have been remiss in updates, mainly due to starting college after a twenty year gap in any sort of formal education. So far, so good, further updates on my education as warranted (i.e.: probably none).

I love this post.