Monday, January 30, 2012

No One Killed Your Dog

I would love to comment on this, but the level of maturity shown on the part of JB makes it pointless.

That said, sometimes good, decent people who have lots in common fail to mesh well.

Let it be.

If I Weren't Busy Writing College Papers...

I'd probably be able to update this more than once a year...

On the positive side, college is going well and I should be transitioning from community college to an actual four-year college this fall (or autumn, for those of you with an addiction to multiple syllables...).

On the gaming front, I've mainly been playing Shadowrun fourth edition (the fourth edition I like...), a bit of Pathfinder, and a once a month-ish 3.5 Dragonlance game.

I have found that I can only play 3.5 if I create something ludicrous, which is why I'm playing a kender swashbuckler/dread necromancer.

I'm sorry, you did read that right.

I've also finally obtained GURPS Vorkosigan, which has proven to be thoroughly delightful, and I've been bouncing around several ideas for games (I know, I need to post them here rather than letting them rot in my notes... O' time, thou art a fickle friend...) which include a Shadowrun game set during World War One, a Space:1889 and Unhallowed Metropolis blend, and an AD&D game set in a mediaeval-esque Europe with strong borrowings from Clark Aston Smith's works.

So, despite appearances, I have not yet passed from the mortal coil, nor given up mine ancient hobby.

And so to bed.