Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Adventures in Gaming

For the last month, I have been running a role-playing night at the Tacoma Public Library. This is only every other week, so only two sessions have happened, but it has been fairly well attended...

For something with virtually no publicity...

So, you know, about a dozen folks showed up...

The game I chose to have available, with an assortment of pre-gens, was the Mentzer Basic rules. Mainly because I know them well, but also because they are easy to start up and easy to explain.

I'll be whipping up a new adventure for the next night (November third, if any of you are in the area), since everyone died last night due to poor thinking on the magic-user's part.

However, the room that the library has kindly allowed us to use is absolutely enormous! We could easily fit eight tables in there and I'd kind of like to do that, if only to keep the programme going (it's running through December right now, but if the turn out is good, who knows...).

Several attendees have been surprised that 4th Ed. D&D is not being run, but the thing is, that's not what I want to play and, more importantly, no one has offered to run it.

I mean, I'm not going to be stingy here, I've got more space than I can use... You want to play 4th Ed., be my guest, grab a table and we'll try and get players for it. It's not appealing to me, but my own ego is not what this is about, this is about the love of gaming.

Sadly, even though I have asked, nay, begged, for these fans of 4th Ed. to run a game, not one seems willing to do so...

It's a tad frustrating.

I want to be helpful, but though I might play it at some point, just to see if it plays better than it reads, it's not my cup of tea.

I'm certainly not going to run the thing just for a few people who aren't willing to at least try and DM once...

My first DM was a guy named Aaron. Not because he was good at it, it was because he had the books (well, boxed set, this was Mentzer's Basic rules) and wanted to play with people. We were all eleven then and we had a great time.

I suppose the point of my rambling is, if you're not willing to DM, don't be disappointed that you can't find a group.

Someone has to be the DM.

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