Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Creatures both Malevolent and Benign, Part One of an On-going Series

Kephri the Accursed
Frequency: Very Rare
No. Appearing: 1
Armour Class: 6 or -3
Move: 12" or 15"
Hit Dice: 71 hit points
% In Lair: 90%
Treasure Type: G, I, and X
No. of Attacks: 1 or 3
Damage/Attack: by weapon or spell or 1-12/1-12/1-6
Special Attacks: see below
Special Defences: Immune to enchantments, charms, and poison
Magic Resistance: 50%
Intelligence: Genius
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: M (5' 7" tall) or L (16' long)
Psionic Ability: Nil
Attack/Defence Modes: Nil

Once a mortal, this greedy and vain enchantress made an improperly worded bargain with a demon lord. The ill-thought out pact bound her to the demon's malevolent will and transformed her into the monstrosity she is now. Normally appearing as an attractive human woman with dark hair and eyes, Kephri can transform into the form of a terrible and demonic scorpion.

In human form, she attacks, saves, and casts spells as an 11th level magic-user. However, if forced into melee combat, she sheds her human guise, shifting into a bloated and corrupt scorpion far larger than a man. As a scorpion, she retains her intelligence and voice (making her capable of casting spells with only a verbal component in this form), but attacks and saves as a 12 HD monster. In combat, she uses her great pincers to keep her opponents at bay whilst she lashes out with her venom-dripping stinger. Though the stinger only deals damage equivalent to a short sword (1-6), its venom is to be feared by even the brave, for those failing a save versus poison (at -4) do not die, but become mesmerised slaves of the unnatural enchantress. Those charmed into minions defend the monster from their former companions (and all others) as she scuttles away to plot revenge, having little taste for direct confrontation. This ensorcelment can be broken by a remove curse or neutralise poison spell.

In either form, Kephri may use the following spell-like abilities, each at will, one at a time, once per day: commune (with her demonic overlord), insect plague, phantasmal force, and summon 1-2 Type I demons to her aid (50% chance of success).

When typically encountered, Kephri will be acting as the vizier, court wizard, or concubine of as powerful a ruler as possible, seeking to subtly embroil her target in wars and depravity. Only when pressed will she reveal her abhorrent 'gifts'. Should Kephri be slain, her soul will be immediately seized by her demonic master, who will be sorely displeased with those who have removed his favourite playing piece from the board.

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