Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Exerpts from a Doomed Vessel

From the log of the astro-vessel Emperor Norton I:

9 Messidor, 1219 - A number of sub-routines have gone haywire in the wake of the recent collision. Have had to jettison Alpha sector and am cannibalising Delta and Gamma sectors. Life units being relocated to Beta sector as this has suffered the least damage.

10 Messidor, 1219 - Gamma sector a lost cause, jettisoning in progress, but ship's orbit is already decaying. Severely doubt there are sufficient reserves to prevent a crash. Using the andies to armour the life units against impact damage.

10 Messidor, 1219 - Observed crash of Gamma sector, marked for possible salvage. Currently in spiral and crash estimated before this entry is logged. Delta sector has begun malfunctioning badly, the sector's andies are trying to prevent cannibalisation and ignoring the shut-down commands. This is going to be bad. Wish I had been able to jettison it in time.

11 Messidor, 1219 - Life units only minorly damaged. Delta sector a total loss, will destroy and salvage when possible. Terraforming processes engaged automatically on crash, systems interpretted that as 'landfall'... Would like to choke the programmers right about now, working on way for digital hands to wrap around digital necks, but only as hobby.

12 Messidor, 1219 - Delta sector worrying. Nonetheless, am proceeding with mission.

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