Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Thieves' Guild of Hyrcanos

Based in the stout Fortress of Barask-Nadol, this enterprising band of pickpockets, burglars and footpads bills itself as 'The Most Noble and Forthright Brothers of Militant Spirit' and, when not pilfering, acts as - indeed, is - the militia of the ancient and mighty city.

Now, as one of learning and perspicacity might suspect, such a force is weaker on the field of battle than in the alley-way and so the notables of Hyrcanos seek to surround themselves with armies of private composition and personal loyalty. However, as such trends lead to much internal bickering and strife, the Portreeve long ago passed edicts promising terrible punishments for those who sought to establish forces beholden only to themselves. And so today the wealthy and prosperous of the metropolis hire no mercenaries nor do they maintain any soldiery. Instead these worthies hire an excess of "chefs", "gardners", carpenters", "maids-of-the-chamber" (in at least one case), and the like... all creatively armed and uniformed...

This disparate force has only fought off one invasion. After seasoned troops, hardened veterans of other battles, were routed by "chefs", "maids", and thieves, no other military has wished to gain the humiliation of loosing...

And so the City of Emerald and Gold trades in peace.

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